Weird winxp pro problem.

Erki Simson sax at
Thu Dec 20 14:31:07 GMT 2001


This morning i discovered weird thing with XP pro & Samba.
I can connect to all pc's on the lan, but
no other computer can connect to my WinXP shares,
it just says to winxp & win2k user that

\\\aaaa\bb is not accessible. You might not have
permission to use this network resource.
Contact the administrator of this server to find out
if you have access permissions. The trust relationship
between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

and win98 user are just prompted IPC$ password box.

My Winxp & all other win98, win2k and winxp users can log
to samba domain with no problems and can access each other
but not me.

Probably winxp reinstall would help but i'd sure
would like to find out what the hell is going on.

Btw, my samba server is 2.2.1a, it has been running
for months with no problems and i'm not going to upgrade
it without a good reason

Anyone encountered same problem ?

Erki Simson
network admin

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