Windows 2000 on Samba PDC

David Highley dhighley at
Thu Dec 20 13:49:05 GMT 2001

"Filipi D. Vianna wrote:"
> Hey Guys,
> I was looking this thread because I would like
> to upgrade my NT4 workstations to Windows 2000,
> I also have one Samba PDC working pertly fine...
> I have installed one copy of the Windows 2000
> Professional sp2 on one of my workstations, but
> I can't add this workstation on my domain.
> I've created the machine account on linux.
> I've created the samba machine account.
> But when I'm trying to change from workgroup
> to domain, the system asks me for one username
> and password.

You need to have root in the smbpasswd file and when it asks for the
user name give it root and the password.

> I don't know what username should I put there.
> I read something about some script to automatic
> create the machine accounts on samba... but
> I don't use this scripts, I do create machine
> accounts manualy... Should this be my mistake?

Just manually edit the /etc files or yp map files. Then when you do the
join an entry will be created in the smbpasswd file.

> Is there something I need to change in my PDC to
> create the machine accounts for de W2K  machines?

There is a pdf file that comes with Samba 2.2.2,
Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf, it is pretty close. There are a few syntax
problems. Also make sure you look at the DHCP-Server-Configuration.txt

> Do I need to change my existing smb.conf?
> Thanks in advance,
> Filipi Vianna



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