Windows 2000 on Samba PDC

Filipi D. Vianna filipi at
Thu Dec 20 13:35:08 GMT 2001

Hey Guys,

I was looking this thread because I would like
to upgrade my NT4 workstations to Windows 2000,
I also have one Samba PDC working pertly fine...

I have installed one copy of the Windows 2000
Professional sp2 on one of my workstations, but
I can't add this workstation on my domain.

I've created the machine account on linux.
I've created the samba machine account.

But when I'm trying to change from workgroup
to domain, the system asks me for one username
and password.

I don't know what username should I put there.

I read something about some script to automatic
create the machine accounts on samba... but
I don't use this scripts, I do create machine
accounts manualy... Should this be my mistake?

Is there something I need to change in my PDC to
create the machine accounts for de W2K  machines?

Do I need to change my existing smb.conf?

Thanks in advance,
Filipi Vianna

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