Authenticating email off samba PDC (Was: Suggestions for best solution)

Buchan Milne bgmilne at
Wed Dec 19 13:07:02 GMT 2001

The easiest way, and the way we use, is to run uw-imap (which provides pop3, pop3s,
imap and imaps) with authentication via pam_smb. In fact, all our authentication is
via pam_smb, even for our desktop linux boxes (in combination with LDAP).

UW-IMAP might not be the best server out there (apparently Courier IMAP performs
better), but it:
-is standards compliant
-supports ssl
-supports imap
-is officially part of most linux distros

pam_smb can be found here:

Redhat 7.2 includes pam_smb, and you can find RPMs for Mandrake 8.0/8.1 at

Shout if you want a sample pam config file for /etc/pam.d/{imap,pop3,pop3s,imaps}


>Message: 7
>Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 17:46:21 +0000
>From: "Adam Evans" <adam.evans at>;
>To: < <samba-ntdom at>>;
>Subject: Suggestions for best solution
>My Samba 2.2.1a server is running happily at present. I'm waiting for a lot=
>of the nice features which will hopefully come in v3, but before then I've=
>got something to sort out.
>Simply, I need to get an email server working. This will be accessed throug=
>h MS Outlook, so straight off, probably an IMAP server. I know that bit. Qu=
>estion is, what about authentication? I'd like the server setup so they log=
>on to the network with there single password, and that is it, no other pass=
>word for the email! Is it possible to set up the server to do this? Would I=
>need to use PAM? I've seen several HOWTO's about different areas, but noth=
>ing there has really helped me.
>Thanks for any help,

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