Logging into Windows 2000/sp2 with Samba PDC

Francis Turner turner at juelich-enzyme.com
Wed Dec 19 08:52:09 GMT 2001

James W. Beauchamp wrote:

> Francis:
> I'm having the same problem and was wondering if you could elaborate on the
> email you attached.  I am not at all familiar with the Domain SID /RID
> issues and can't tell from the email what solution he is proposing.

I'd love to explain it BUT um err I'm stuck too and would love some help

>>The enclosed post on the samba mail list seems to explain the problem
>>ans possible solution. Haven't tried it yet but I'm stuck at exactly
>>this point myself

I've started from scratch with a Samba machine for a domain, as per the 
HOWTO (I think) and win 9x clients appear to be able to join OK. I can't 
get my win2k machines to join and I don't understand this text either so 
I can't I sent it out in the hope that someone more knowledgable than me 
(this is not difficult wrt samba) could explain


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