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Tarjei Huse tarjei at
Wed Dec 19 08:17:05 GMT 2001

> Simply, I need to get an email server working. This will be accessed through MS Outlook, so straight off, probably an 
>to do this? Would I need to use PAM? I've seen several HOWTO's about different areas, but nothing there has really >helped me.
There's a number of different routes that I can think of:

Winbind pam & nss module: 
Problem: All usernames are DOMAIN\uid a bit cludgy for a mailuid 
-> might be solved (long time since I tried winbind)

This is what I run:
Samba-tng w/LDAP and a ldapserver with both posix and samba users on. The ldap
entry has three ifferent passwords:
the nt/lm crypts for windows and a normaly encrypted unixstyle password.

There are quite a few utilities for migrating password & shadow files to ldap
(se also there are scripts in the samba 2.2.2 src dist for migrating
smbpasswd to ldap. 


> Thanks for any help,
> Adam
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