Logging into Windows 2000/sp2 with Samba PDC

Geoffrey Dolman geoffrey.dolman at cimr.cam.ac.uk
Wed Dec 19 06:12:07 GMT 2001

Hi Jean,

I don't think that binding NetBIOS to TCP/IP is the problem I'm having.
In my humble experience of samba I have found that Windows 2000 clients
will not browse samba shares or anything without NetBIOS bound to
The problem I am having can be summarised as follows:

Samba shares in a workgroup : OK
Log onto PC with local account & browse samba share or map drive : OK

Changed to domain logons etc in smb.conf as shown in my original post
(sorry I don't have a copy to hand), added a root account and a machine
account with smbpasswd.
Logged onto the PC (which does have NetBIOS bound to tcp/ip) opened the
system applet in the control panel and clicked properties. I changed
from workgroup to domain supplying the username root and the relevant
password when prompted.
After a minute or so I got a message saying welcome to the domain.
I rebooted the pc.

When it came back up I got a message along the lines of There is no
computer account for this machine on the domain or the password is
wrong. I then changed the computer password to null ie smbpasswd -n
machine, allowed null passwords in smb.conf, restarted smaba and
rebooted the pc.
When the pc came back up I tried to log in again except this time I was
told that the domain was not available. 

I've tried using different machine names and domain names and this does
not make any difference. I've also tried to add the computer to the
domain without creating an account for it before hand and this does not
work. I get an access denied message. This may well be the source of the
problem because the root account needs to be able to alter the account
to join it to the domain doesn't it? However, comparing the HOW-TOS with
what I have done and the problems other people report, I can't see why
this should be the case.


On Tue, 2001-12-18 at 14:16, Jean Guillou wrote:
> Hello
> I have the same problem ( samba 2.2.2)
> GD> I am having problems logging into a Windows 2000 client in a samba domain.
>   Had exactly the same problem. (using lm8)
>   on the w2k box binding netbui to tcp/ip  fixed it for me.
> Please an you explain what does that mean, and what you did exactly on
> the w2k box?
> Thanks
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