Upgrade Samba PDC from 2.2.0 -> 2.2.2

Andreas Haumer andreas at xss.co.at
Wed Dec 19 04:37:11 GMT 2001


We have samba 2.2.0 running as PDC for a domain with about
30 NT workstations. We are using server-based profiles, and 
also some printer drivers are stored on the server.
There are about 40 disk shares and 10 printer shares defined.

We now want to upgrade this server to samba-2.2.2, because
of new W2kSP2 workstations which sould be installed in the
near future. The upgrade is scheduled for next week, because
between Christmas and New Year the office is almost empty,
and other services are shut down due to Euro conversion... :-)

My question is: now that samba uses a lot of database files
which are not easily human-readable ("/var/lock/samba/*.tdb"
with samba-2.2.0, "/var/cache/samba/*.tdb" with samba-2.2.2),
and also some files in /etc/samba/ ("secrets.tdb", "MACHINE.SID"),
what are the files to save during the update? What files can
be deleted, what files must not be deleted?
Can I just copy all the files from "/var/lock/samba/" to

It is absolutely essential that after the update all people
on all workstations can work in the domain just as before!
A complete (or even partial) re-install of the NT workstations 
is not an option!

Is there a "samba-update-HOWTO" somewhere? Does anyone
out there have any experience with such an update on a
samba PDC server in production use?

Any help would be appreciated!
If I survive this challenge I'm quite willing to report all
experiences to the list... :-)

Thanks in advance!

- andreas

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