Migration from NT4 PDC to Samba PDC

Chris Knight chris at aims.com.au
Tue Dec 18 23:09:03 GMT 2001


I was wondering how I go about achieving a migration of an NT4 PDC to a
Samba PDC.
I was thinking of using Samba TNG with the SAM stored in LDAP, configuring
it as a BDC, take down the NT4 PDC, then promoting Samba TNG to be the PDC.
My options at this stage would be to run a dual-head Samba configuration,
with Samba authenticating against TNG, or to move the LDAP data out of the
samba-tng schema and into the samba schema and then configure Samba as the
Does anyone have a better idea of how to achieve this? Ideally, I'd like to
move from NT4 to Samba, but if I have to use Samba TNG, so be it.

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