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Adam Williams awilliam at
Tue Dec 18 10:21:06 GMT 2001

>My Samba 2.2.1a server is running happily at present. I'm waiting for a lot 
>of the nice features which will hopefully come in v3, but before then
>I've got something to sort out.
>Simply, I need to get an email server working. This will be accessed through 
>MS Outlook, so straight off, probably an IMAP server. I know that bit.
>Question is, what about authentication? I'd like the server setup so
>they logon to the network with there single password, and that is it,
>no other password for the email! Is it possible to set up the server to
>do this? Would I need to use PAM? I've seen several HOWTO's about
>different areas, but nothing there has really helped me.

You probably need to look for an IMAP server that support NTLM,  I don't
know if a PAM modules is available for that or not (I haven't seen one).

These are NT/2000 clients?

If it is pure 2000 you might take a crack at Kerberos.

The link below provides some information about PAM and NSS-
The link below provided some information about Kerberos-

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