Samba & Network Printers

Adam Read read_a at
Tue Dec 18 05:54:03 GMT 2001

This is very easy to implement and can scale qute nicely.  We have three
of print servers(each has a failover via Mon and heartbeat) with
between 17 to 90 mostly Hp 4000/4050/4100 hung on the network via
cards.  We have 10 8000/8100 hung off the main box (10 of 90).  All
print to thier full speed capacity, and users have thier jobs spool out
seconds.  These have been upgraded, but started out at Samba 2.2.1
alpha.  You
must first set up the printer in your printcap then set up drivers in
There are How-To's and info in the Samba documentation(keep up the good
Any other questions, ask away.

Good Luck,
Adam Read
IT, Univera HealthCare, WNY

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