Samba & Network Printers

stuart.callender at stuart.callender at
Tue Dec 18 03:33:04 GMT 2001

Hi All

My Windows 2000 Professional PC which I am currently using as a printer
server can no longer handle the number of users required (10 connections
max).  Following my successful implementation of a Samba PDC running on a
SuSe Linux 7.2 Box, I thought that I would turn my hand to configuring
another Linux Server as a Printer Server using Samba.  However, I am not
sure that this is possible...

Currently, I have 4 HPLaserJet 4100 printers network configured using TCP/IP
and each one allocated it's own IP address, plugged straight into the
network.  All these printers are accessable via my Windows2000 pro box, each
one having it's own JetDirect Port.

Before I start this project, I would appreciate any infeed as to whether it
would be possible for me to set up a Linux Print Server to control these
printers, without the need to physically connect them to the Linux server.
My gut feeling is that it is possible, but I am not sure about the steps
needed to accomplish this feat.

Would I need to set them up under Linux first, then configure Samba to
control them? 

Some brief steps would be extremelly appreciated in order to get me started
on this one......

Thanks & Regards
Stuart Callender

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