Winbind on Solaris 2.6

Dean Ward wardd at
Mon Dec 17 07:41:06 GMT 2001

Hi All,

I've successfully installed Winbind on a Solaris 2.6 box and started the
winbindd daemon to talk to our NT boxes.

I executed wbinfo -t and 'secret is good' was returned and from the debug
output at level 3 the daemon appears to be talking to our PDC. However, for
some reason when executing wbinfo -u or wbinfo -g no information is
returned. No errors are stated in the debug log - it acknowledges that the
request was received, but it does not seem to do pull any data back from the

Any ideas? Could this be a problem with the Anonymous access registry
settings on the PDC or something along those lines?

Thanks for your help,

Dean Ward
Info Systems
The Wine Society

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