Another Win2000 sp2 logon problem

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp7 at
Sat Dec 15 09:42:03 GMT 2001

Hello All:
I have been monitoring this list for quite a while and thought when I got
around to upgrading to the latest Samba version that I would not have any
trouble setting up Samba as a PDC :)  Boy was I wrong.

Here is my situation:
redhat 7.2 with CVS from 12/11/01
I compiled with the only option being --with-smbmount.

I have a win2k box that is SP2.  I got it to join the domain without much
problem but I cannot log on now!  I get the error message "the system cannot
log you on to this domain because the systems computer account in its
primary domain is missing or the password on that account is incorrect"  I
have not seen this message in any of the online docs (diagnosis.txt etc.).
I can list shares fine with smbclient, I can log on localy to the win2k box
and then browse the samba server shares fine so I know that it authenticates
my userid and password O.K. Has anyone seen this error message or have a
clue as to what I should try??

Thanks in advance


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