NT PDC licensing

Matt Pavlovich mpav at algx.net
Fri Dec 14 09:30:02 GMT 2001

We are talking about taking the discussion of writing the HOWTO
documentation off-list.  The documentation will be readily available,
and anyone who is interested in helping is invited to participate,
simply email me or any of the others who have noted they are going to be

A discussion on the details of writing the documentation does not fit
into the scope of use for what this mailing list is intended.

Matt Pavlovich
mpav at debian.org

"C.Lee Taylor" wrote:
> Please don't take the discussion off-list, I would like to
> know how things are going and if I might be able help
> and test what you guys are doing.
> On the question of member servers joining the domain,
> what else would be need to add a Terminal Server as a
> domain member ... I think I saw once that I will loos
> some functionality, could any give me an idea on this.
> Thanks for all the hard work everbody has put into
> all of this ...
> Mailed
> Lee

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