NT PDC licensing

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at acu.ac.uk
Fri Dec 14 04:11:08 GMT 2001

Matt Pavlovich wrote:

> I will be testing this in a lab in the next few weeks and will gladly
> assist in authoring a "Samba LDAP Domain HOWTO". 
> What does the timeframe for 2.2.3 look like?  Having the HOWTO ready by
> then would be handy.
> Additionally, I am migrating a production NT 4.0 domain to the Samba
> managed domain and am willing to work with anyone on this as well. 
> "NT->Samba Domain Migration HOWTO" to come later..

I've been writing one off and on for a while. I've spoken to Gerry about 
it, and it's currently a plain text document itemising what you need to do.

I have tested a migration based on these instructions, and it is 
transparent. I've also written a Perl script to go through the contents 
of a smbpasswd file dumped from the NT SAM with pwdump, and sync the 
UID's and the UID's in /etc/passwd, create new accounts where necessary, 
and add all the machine accounts.

I'm now at the stage where I need to run one more test (which I was 
planning on doing next week) and then add any necessary updates, convert 
the documentation written thus far to DocBook, and submit it.

I'm happy to send out copies of my docs (and perl code) to any 
interested parties. I was hoping to have it in a finished state before 
Christmas, but I'm not sure I'll make it. It's been ongoing for months, 
'cause I hardly ever get time to look at it.


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