Newbie questions ahoy

Richard Cunningham masterplan at
Fri Dec 14 02:26:03 GMT 2001

Hi, I've been asked to set up a small linux network at a school where i
am currently a ICT technicnan, we have numerous NT servers, and we have
a old p2 333 server which is going to be the new linux server for
teaching the kids how to use\setup linux (deathwish if you ask me.) but
anyway, I need to know if it is..

1) Possible to make a log-in script in linux so it automounts their home
directory on the main fileserver
2) Able to get a list of all the users from the main server to the linux
server without having to type them all up

If you have any suggestions\how-to's or anything please let me know, ta


Richard @ NSFB

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