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Prabu Subroto prabusubroto at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 13 17:51:06 GMT 2001

Dear Ma Pals,

I have an application for my clients computer which
using ftp protocol to cdownload some report
periodically. But we have only one connection through
my proxy server with Squid.
I tried to use ipmasquerading with kernel.2.2 and
SuSEFirewall1 and it made it... My client can doing
ftp but...why did it only take a very short time only
in 15 minutes than my client can not doing ftp
So I have to restart my proxy machine because after I
restart it my client can do ftping back with
ipmasquarading.... But again another 15 minutes more I
have to restart it again.

Funny.... Linux is very funny.... Non Sense.....

I am using Squid as the proxy server.

What should I do to make my clients can doing ftp
permanently ?

Thank you in advance.

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