WinBind and ?????

Robby Tanner rtanner at
Thu Dec 13 12:26:05 GMT 2001

A while ago, there was some talk about an effort to merge to branches of the
tree.  These two branches would make integration into an NT environment
smoother, and provide the same file-based permission granularity as NT (as
opposed to the Unix file permissions).  WinBind was one of them and I can't
remember the other.

I wish to to accomplish the same sort of file permission control as NT file
servers have on their shares.  I asked this question a while ago, and found
that someone had done it for BSD.  Is this now possible with the Linux port
of Samba?

Please excuse me if the terms I'm using are not very articulate.  I'm not
that familiar with the issues surrounding SMB.

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