Script File for SMB server in an NT 2000 Domain

Colin Jenkins cdgraph at
Thu Dec 13 01:12:16 GMT 2001

Hello Bill,

Thursday, December 13, 2001, 7:55:36 AM, you wrote:

BS> Hello there,
BS> Does anyone have a samba script file for a windows 2000 domain?
BS> We are trying to introduce the SAMBA (rh 7.1) Server in our school 

I have been playing around with samba, w2k and nt server on my school
network (nt)
At home I have a linux mandrake server with win 98 clients.
I have just got a w2k laptop which I use at school and home.
At school, I run kixtart for the login scripts, and at home have a
batch file calling up kixtart on the windows clients.
What do you need to do with the script, and are you using a linux
server with all w2k clients?

Colin Jenkins
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