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Adam Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Wed Dec 12 13:12:03 GMT 2001

>> 2.Check out the samba-tng ldap howto's if you haven't :)
>I've got it, Thank's to Ignacio Coupeau job !

Do Samba and Samba TNG use the same schema?  Once upon a time I though 
they looked diffrent.  Also we (users) need better documentation OF the 
schema,  currently it looks like lots of attributes are there but not 
used (current = 2.2.1a patched).  If there already is comprehensive schema 
documentation I'd appreciate an href to it. 

>>3. There's a ldap replication howto on the web somewhere. Check it out if you
>>havent :)
>Yes, I think I should add to the beginning howto some info on :
> . ldap replication (in case of master/slave)
> . ldap configuration (indexes)
> . ldap backup and restore

I have an LDAP presentation at

It has been checked over by several people from the OpenLDAP list, so most 
of the content should be correct.  If any one wants to reference (link 
to) it they are more than welcome.  I also intend to add a Samba section 
once a little more documentation comes out the chute.

>>4. Why "do not choose use tls"?  The pam-ldap libs work very well with ssl/tls.
>>I can send you a small script that you can use to generate openldap certificates
>>if you whant to.
>ok, I'm waiting for them :-)
>>Hope this helps a bit
>It does :-)
>> PS: THere is a huge samba w/ldap howto on the net that contaings infor 
>>for all sambas 

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