NT PDC licensing

Olivier Lemaire olivier.lemaire at IDEALX.com
Wed Dec 12 12:30:16 GMT 2001

> 1. Two things are missing:
> - a script to create the initial .ldifs
>   woulde be great if was added 

ok, why not. I'll do it.

> - a webfrontend.
> I know there are several who are working on.

well, we wanted to make scripts that are just «over» regular system tools,
so any existing frontend using system tools would be fairly quick to customize
(example: webmin user management module, just a small patch to it).

anyway, just send my links to the following undergoing works on a frontend,
as It may serve

> 2. Check out the samba-tng ldap howto's if you haven't :)

I've got it, Thank's to Ignacio Coupeau job !

> 3. There's a ldap replication howto on the web somewhere. Check it out if you
> havent :)

Yes, I think I should add to the beginning howto some info on :
 . ldap replication (in case of master/slave)
 . ldap configuration (indexes)
 . ldap backup and restore

> 4. Why "do not choose use tls"?  The pam-ldap libs work very well with ssl/tls.
> I can send you a small script that you can use to generate openldap certificates
> if you whant to.

ok, I'm waiting for them :-)

> Hope this helps a bit

It does :-)

> PS: THere is a huge samba w/ldap howto on the net that contaings infor for all
> sambas 

Ignacio Coupeau'job ? 


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