NT PDC licensing

Tarjei Huse tarjei at nu.no
Wed Dec 12 11:36:04 GMT 2001

A few comments:
1. Two things are missing:
- a script to create the initial .ldifs
- a webfrontend.

The first one woulde be great if was added the last I know there are several who
are working on.

2. Check out the samba-tng ldap howto's if you haven't :)

3. There's a ldap replication howto on the web somewhere. Check it out if you
havent :)

4. Why "do not choose use tls"?  The pam-ldap libs work very well with ssl/tls.
I can send you a small script that you can use to generate openldap certificates
if you whant to.

Hope this helps a bit

PS: THere is a huge samba w/ldap howto on the net that contaings infor for all


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