NT PDC licensing

Adam Killian akillian at footlocker.com
Wed Dec 12 11:33:03 GMT 2001


This seems like a good option to me.  This project is to see how feasible it would be to replace a Novell Netware file/print environemnt with Linux/Samba.  I am going to need OpenLdap to replace NDS anyhow. 

Just to be sure I understand...
I setup a Samba servers in each site with domain logons=yes and OpenLdap as a slave
I pick one server to be the OpenLdap master and all is well?

Can a real NT4 app server be a member of such a domain? We have some apps the MUST be run on NT4 servers.

If that works, I am home free! Woo Hoo!

Adam Killian
akillian at footlocker.com

> -----Original Message-----                                                          
>  I installed exactly your setup with replicated OpenLDAP. 
>  It should go into                                        
>  production these days. It's a lot of small details to    
>  care for, but once you                                   
>  got it working it's straightforward.                     
>  The only idea is to have samba get its SAM information   
>  from a local OpenLDAP                                    
>  that is replicated from the PDC's LDAP Server to the     
>  BDC's LDAP. The BDC should                               
>  have 'domain master = no' and 'domain logons = yes'.     
>  Volker                                                   

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