NT PDC licensing

Frederic Le Bastard flb at strathom.com
Wed Dec 12 09:32:06 GMT 2001


> My understanding of CAL's, is that you only need to purchase a Cal if
> you are connecting a workstation to a server and the versions 
> of Windows
> are different, or for every user that connects to a server 
> over the base
> number of allowed clients.  If you have one Win2k server, and 
> one Win2k
> workstation, you would not need a CAL, as it is included in 
> the purchase
> price of the products.

I'm afraid you're wrong.
If you have a 2k server, and a 2k workstation you'll need a 2k CAL for
the workstation to access the server.
By default, if you buy a box with 2k server, you have 5 CAL included.
If you have more than 5 clients (2k, NT wkst, 98, whatever) you have to
buy supplemental CAL

> ie.. Windows 2000 Server, and WinNT 4.0 workstation would require a
> Win2k CAL.


> Win2k server and 4000 Win2k clients requires 4000 CAL's.


> Of course, the licensing model changes daily.. so consider this only a
> base guide.
> With Samba as the PDC and file servers, you should not have to buy any
> CALs as you have already licensed the workstation licenses.  

True, what is to remember (it's true for any microsoft server product) :

You need a license for the server
You need a license for the client
You need a license for the client to access the server.

That is, considering samba, you don't pay any license for the server, so
you don't have to pay any license for the client to access the server.
All you have to pay is the client's license.

Have fun !


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