Samba PDC and WinNT BDC

Tarjei Huse tarjei at
Sun Dec 9 03:23:02 GMT 2001

Here's a suggestion for getting PDC-BDC like functionality for most samba
users.I haven't tried it yet, but I thought I'd throw it into the discussion, as
an idea (hopefully someone will tell me what's wrong with the consept). Here

Is it's possible to set up openldap so it replicates out other servers. 
How would this affect a bdc?

PDC Server       -->  Samba BDC
    |                  |
Openldap server  --> OL server

will it have an effect? Is it possible to set up the bdc once, and then 
sync on the ldap level and still have bdc functionality?

AFAIK nitehr 2.2 or 2.0 has BDC functionality, but Samba-tng can do this. I
thought I'd post the idea to hear some input before I try it.


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