defining domain rights on PDC

Doug Douglass samba at
Fri Dec 7 13:55:04 GMT 2001


> Hi, there.
> I want to grant permissions on a domain
> basis. So everyone logged in on our W2k
> workstations has e.g. the right to do
> this or not do that.

What do you mean by "this or that"?

If you mean the ability to perform certain actions on a client, you can use
policies to accomplish this. Policies are automatically looked for by win
clients  in the netlogon share of samba.

If you mean the ability to control access to a share or files in a share,
unix groups and proper configuration of share definitions in smb.conf will
cover this.

If you mean the ability to control access to parts of the client file
systems/applications, other then for administrators, you can't do that yet.

> If it DOES work - which version of samba would
> I need? And how can I administrate those rights.

I believe all the samba 2.x series have the same behaviour as I've outlined


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