Samba and Windows XP

Jay Ts jay at
Thu Dec 6 05:15:03 GMT 2001

Michal Safranek wrote:
> I've installed Windows XP on one computer in my network and i have 
> problems with its connecting to Samba. I dont know if the mistake is 
> in WinXP or Samba(ver 2.2.2). I can look at shared drives, read and 
> write, but i cannot log into domain.

If the problem is that the WinXP system can't find the domain
controller, try the registry patch found in the docs/Registry
directory of the Samba source distribution.

> The most frequently errorsw when i'm trying to log in are:
> You cannot log in, but there are any more errors...

You might get better help if you would tell us exactly
what error messages you are seeing!

Jay Ts

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