Samba PDC and WinNT BDC

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Wed Dec 5 10:56:04 GMT 2001

I'm going to waste another 550(or so) bytes saying that we should'nt be
fighting about this. There will always be the "Linux,UNIX,every other
stable os on the planet vs. windows" debate. It just wont end. I've used
windows 2000 server and nt4 servers occasionally and they have been
relatively stable. I'm not a Windows supporter, but nor am I a windows
basher... I think they both have their strong points, even though
personally I think OpenBSD is better... Ok having said that lets let
this thread die :)

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That is a (IMNSHO) stupid answer. Obviously this person has a need,
outside of his control, that he use an nt box that acts as a dc. To give
answer "Linux Rocks, Windows Sucks", or even your equivalent answer,
wastes time and disk space.

If you can/want to help, do so. If you want to be a windows basher, do
it on
another list...

Besides, I need windows. There is still no an equivalent in linux for
exchange. Nothing comes close. And, everything has been running smoothly
here for almost 2 years... With windows.

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On Wed, 5 Dec 2001 10:57:21 -0500
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> has anyone expirences with a samba PDC and a win BDC? I treid to
> install a Windows BDC for a program which requires a windows dc and
> the result si that
> i cant logon on that bdc.
> i have a pdc running with samba-tng 2.6.1 and a bdc with nt40

Automatic user database replication between PDC and BDC is not yet
implemented in any samba, tng or not.

The windows BDC will not import automatically the new users, except at
reboot, or if you restart that service, whatever it is.

And to be honest who needs windows, anyway?  After I phased out the last
windows NT server, everything started working smoothly.  Until then, it
was a pain.

I have a samba-tng PDC, and another lot of 5 servers runing samba.

And am very happy this way too.

Right now, I'm studying how to implement a BDC in tng.

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