directory permissions/login problems

Zoran Pucar Zoran.Pucar at
Wed Dec 5 07:32:03 GMT 2001

Gareth Norman wrote:
> Hi all
> Probably a minor problem that everyone will look at and mumble "goddam
> n00bies" but:
> I have a Samba 2.2.2 PDC running on Red Hat 7.1 - everything is hunky dory
> apart form 2 things
> We are a school and sometimes the IT staff are required to move files around
> the network to different users home directories. For example, user IThead
> copies a file (temp.doc) to user directory of fred. When the file is copied
> the user fred only had read premissions on this file and therefore can't
> save it. The ownership/group are of the person that did the copying in the
> first place (in this case IThead) and the permissions are rwx for owner and
> r only for group. I have played around with the force mask and force create
> mask etc on the homes share but this makes no difference (the homes share
> points to \home\%U and works fine.

Force mask should help you. How does your smb.conf look like? force mask
= 664 (not alike umask on unix) should do the trick i guess.

> The other problem is when several machines try to log in at the same time. I
> am using win95 workstations and a login script processor called KixTart due
> to needing a load of if/else statements for mappings based on username. By
> itsself the kix script works fine but when a number of users log in at the
> same time the mappings just refuse to work for some of the stations even
> though the user is authenticated.
> Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciaited.

Can't you just use a script /user? I know it means more administration
but those scripts can be autogeneraded and will improve performance.

Hope this helps!

Zoran Pucar

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