directory permissions/login problems

Gareth Norman gareth at
Wed Dec 5 07:17:15 GMT 2001

Hi all

Probably a minor problem that everyone will look at and mumble "goddam
n00bies" but:

I have a Samba 2.2.2 PDC running on Red Hat 7.1 - everything is hunky dory
apart form 2 things

We are a school and sometimes the IT staff are required to move files around
the network to different users home directories. For example, user IThead
copies a file (temp.doc) to user directory of fred. When the file is copied
the user fred only had read premissions on this file and therefore can't
save it. The ownership/group are of the person that did the copying in the
first place (in this case IThead) and the permissions are rwx for owner and
r only for group. I have played around with the force mask and force create
mask etc on the homes share but this makes no difference (the homes share
points to \home\%U and works fine.

The other problem is when several machines try to log in at the same time. I
am using win95 workstations and a login script processor called KixTart due
to needing a load of if/else statements for mappings based on username. By
itsself the kix script works fine but when a number of users log in at the
same time the mappings just refuse to work for some of the stations even
though the user is authenticated.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciaited.

Many thanks

Gareth Norman

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