A couple of newbie questions

Howard Cheng hchcheng at scg.math.uwaterloo.ca
Tue Dec 4 19:13:11 GMT 2001


  I just configured Samba 2.2.1a as a PDC for Windows 2000 machines
(and maybe NT 4 too).  I am a newbie when it comes to Windows, and I
have a couple of questions:

  1. In the log files, I see messages that says it cannot create some
     subdirectories in Profile, yet they are created and everything
     is copied correctly.  What do they mean, and should I worry?

  2. I have read the FAQ and supposedly it is bad to have the profiles
     stored in the user's home directory.  Why not?  I didn't really
     understand the explanation in the FAQ.  It would be much more
     convenient to do so since I can have everything backed up just by
     backing up the home directories.

Thank you for any assistance.


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