A few problems with Samba 2.2.1a

Adam Evans adam.evans at infrasoft-civil.com
Tue Dec 4 04:25:01 GMT 2001

I posted this via deja, but I don't think it comes through the list.....

I have a couple of minor problems/situations that I need to try and clear

Firstly, is there a time scale as to when we will see better group handling
within Samba. All my users are currently domain admin, as if they're not
then spell checkers etc don't work in Office 97. I know I can do a basic fix
by adding the domain users group to power users etc on the local workstation
apparently. Also, does anyone know how to fix Office 97 spell check under a
standard user?

Secondly. I have set up a couple of network printers which are accessed by
Samba, then lpr/lpd to the printer adapter. I have found that
/var/spool/samba has been filling up with print jobs, and that they're not
being cleared. Should they be cleared automatically?

Thirdly. Not sure where this problem lies buts. One of my printers is an HP
DeskJet 970 and it will only print one sheet at a time. If you say do 100
copies, it will do one. The settings in Samba and LPD are the same. Do you
have an idea where the problem lies? Printing to a Canon printer/copier
works fine.

Fourth. Drivers for Win2K and the deskjet are the basic Win2k ones as the
latest HP drivers don't work at all. Is that a problem with the HP drivers,
or Samba?

That's about it ATM.

Thanks for any help you can give....


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