more than one logon with the same user to samba2.2.2

Scheufen Stephan S.Scheufen at
Mon Dec 3 00:46:03 GMT 2001

Hello Samba Experts,

i have the following installation:
1x SuSE LinuxMachine with SAMBA 2.2.2 and Winbind

Winbind is working and authenticating the users completely agains the 
NT4 PDC. fine but:

If i´m logged on with my W98se to my NT-Domain and have a mapping to 
the Linux box then i get problems on my second W98se machine trying to 
logon with the same username....the sharing on the linux box wants to 
have a username and password again....instead of passing it through to the 
NT4 PDC via Winbind...!?

What is wrong? Can somebody help me please?

best regards

> Stephan Scheufen
> Lötscher Weg 66 - D-41334 Nettetal - Germany
> Fon: +49-2153-733-315 - Fax: 310 - Mail: s.scheufen at

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