Solaris can't join Windows 2000 Domain correctly, however same config works fine on redhat 7.1

Greg Turnbull g.turnbull at
Sat Dec 1 03:57:03 GMT 2001


We cant get Solaris 2.6 Sun Box to join the domain correctly.

We changed the security to "security=domain" and although it was successful 
joining the domain, connecting using smbpasswd failed.

Using the same smb.conf file and the lmhosts file we were able to join the 
domain correctly using redhat 7.1 and it object shows up as a windows nt 
member server on the windows 2000 PDC.

The Solaris server that we cannot get to join correctly shows up blank.

Were stumped, can anyone else help.

Also we made sure that the versions were the same and that they were 
compiled the same way.

Both the Windows 2000 PDC and Solaris server are on the same subnet.

Attached is a copy of our smb.conf file.

Greg Turnbull 
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