Having logon problem

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at microdisplay.com
Mon Apr 30 18:04:16 GMT 2001

I've recently installed 2.2.0 in PDC mode and I'm having interrmittant
logon problems.  The message that we get at logon time in "a domain
controller can't be found.  You have been logged on using cached
information..."  I have a few W2K systems and a few ME systems.  It's
driving me nuts and I can't see any cause for this.  It all worked fine
for about a week.  The environment was samba PDC controlled before using
1.9 series code that seemed to break with the introduction of Win2K.
I can remove and re-add the NT 4.0 systems which would seem to say that
it's an interrmittant  browsing problem.


Thanks in advance,

Bruce Ferrell

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