Implementing SAMBA into NT and Novell question

Schlomo Schapiro schapiro at
Sun Apr 29 11:29:19 GMT 2001


close to this topic, does anybody from the Samba team know something about
Novells CIFS server that should come out now ? Is it just a plain samba
running on NetWare ? Any detailed info available ?


PS: Andrew, if you are already running Novell, maybe this might be just
right for you !

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Andrew Judge wrote:

> I have a question for the group.I would like to use SAMBA on a network
> currently using Novell and two NT servers acting as PDC and BDC running MS
> SQL and Exchange respectively.The clients are win9x and NT4 workstation
> (about 40 clients).The use would be for the following:
> 1. migrate exchange to postfix (POP3), using SAMBA to store Outlook pst
> files in users home directory for backup reasons.
> 2. run the SAMBA server for the majority of file serving
> I would probably use SAMBA 2.0.7 although 2.2 is probably better to play
> with NT and I believe we will migrate to the PDC for authentication with
> GSNW for Novell access.Are there any better suggestions?  Is 2.2 the
> preferable solution?I'm a little concerned with how SAMBA interacts as a
> member server in an NT domain.
> Does anyone have anything similar running and how would you go about this?
> Best regards,
> Andrew Judge

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