More on locking -- WAS: SMBD's go into "D" (uninteruptable sleep) and never wake up

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Apr 30 15:46:40 GMT 2001

"Bryan J. Smith" wrote:
> Jeremy Allison wrote:
> > That would be "on-par with IRIX in NFS-SMB locking at the
> > kernel level" - Solaris has no support for that, but IRIX
> > does.
> Okay, since I got you here, I saw the new Samba 2.2 has "on-par"
> locking between Irix and Linux 2.4.  Very good and I'm playing with
> both now.
> But in prior versions, it seemed that Solaris supported kernel-level
> oplocks (level 1) whereas Linux (or FreeBSD or Irix) did not?
> Please correct me if I am wrong (or talking about an even prior
> version).

Solaris has never supported kernel level oplocks. The only
two UNIX'es that do are IRIX and Linux.



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