Logon only from one computer

Cyro Corte Real Filho cyroreal at bol.com.br
Mon Apr 30 15:27:01 GMT 2001

Hi All,

I have a network here with 4 computers (win98) and 1 server (mandrake)
working like PDC of the network, I am using samba 2.0.7 and it's working
just fine, but I need to make users to be able to authenticate only from
their computers, and be not able to authenticate from the other 3 of the
network. Is it possible using samba 2.0.7? I had try to use the include line
in smb.conf (include=/home/smb.conf.%m), with the files
/home/smb.conf.computer1, /home/smb.conf.computer2, ... . In these files i
just wrote "valid users = user", it worked, but i was not able to see the
shares in network neighborhood (win98) any more, but i was able to use net
use = \\server\... . Could any one help here, tanks.


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