Samba 2.2 PDC and W2K logon - remote procedure call failed

Blair Sutton/Odey B.Sutton at
Sat Apr 28 14:18:45 GMT 2001

I have been experiencing problems with W2K logons to a Samba 2.2 PDC.

Firstly I should point out that I have successfully been able to get Win95 
and NT4 workstations to
logon correctly to Samba 2.2 using my current configuration. Actually this 
works very well!

I am also using the "add user script" option in smb.conf which points to a 
script that allows usernames
with $ (dollar) signs to be added to the /etc/passwd file on FreeBSD 4.X. 
I am able to do this by recompiling
/usr/src/usr.sbin/pw/pw_user.c with the dollar restriction removed.

The method I try to use for joining the domain from the W2K workstation is 
by changing the properties of
the network ID tab on the "My Comupter" icon. I change the domain 
textfield to the Samba run domain name, then
I supply root as the username and a password as given by the smbpasswd 
file for root.

The error returned by the W2K network ID applet is "The remote procedure 
call failed". But what is strange is that
when I check the /etc/passwd file the computer name HAS been added (with a 
dollar sign appended to the name)
and when I examine the smbpasswd file the computer name has also been 
added. What is even stranger is that
in the smbpasswd file the entry for the newly added machine has "NO 
in the password fields. This does not follow the pattern for NT machine 
accounts also in the same file. 

Any ideas would be greatly welcome, if it might help I can also send my 
current configuration and some high level

Thanks in advance.


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