XP/Samba2.2 as PDC

mark at axeon.screaming.net mark at axeon.screaming.net
Sat Apr 28 09:15:12 GMT 2001

Hi there.  I couldnt get this to work. (I have since downgraded back to
Win2K).  Some error was showing up in the samba log - something bout
authentication, cant remember what it was.

Hope this helps

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Subject: XP/Samba2.2 as PDC

> Has anyone had any experience running Samba 2.2 as a PDC for Windows XP
> machines?  Just need to know ahead of running a test machine if it
> works/doesn't work as stock standard or if i need to make some tweaks for
> to work (or, in fact, if it just doesn't work at all).
> The Samba 2.2 PDC we are running at the moment runs happily as a PDC for
> Win2k SP1 machines.
> Are there any other issues with such a setup currently?
> Regards,
> Elliot Mackenzie.

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