Whose Running Samba as a PDC

eirvine eirvine at tpgi.com.au
Fri Apr 27 08:50:00 GMT 2001


John Humphrey wrote:
> Again, permit me to thank everyone for the tremendous support given on this
> mailing list. With your help, and a lot of outside study, I've been able to
> learn the basic elements behind running a SAMBA powered domain. I work a for
> a Texas Public School system and have made a recommendation to install a
> SAMBA PDC at one of our faciliites. 

This is a page I put up a few years ago. It covers one of the largest
high schools in our country....

Also by me, (but a little clinical)

You might also want to have a look here:

And here:

Basically there is nothing unusual about what you want
to do. Unusual for a school, maybe, but not a university.
I calculated my uptime for the last three 
years - it worked out better than 99.99%.


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