Whose Running Samba as a PDC

root root at ifisiol.unam.mx
Thu Apr 26 16:15:28 GMT 2001

Hi John:
      We have been running samba as a PDC for two LAN's with more than 300
Win9x clients for about for years now. We have not had any big problem
related to samba. We had Netware and then Windows NT before and had much
more problems with the servers then than now.
      We are a research and educational institution with more than 300 
students, about 150 academics and more than 50 users in the administrative
      Our institution's name is Instituto de Fisiologia Celular and we are
part of the National University of Mexico.
      Hope this helps.
      Cheers... Ana Maria Escalante

Ana Maria Escalante
Computer Department
Instituto de Fisiologia Celular
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
phone: (525) 6225730
fax: (525) 6162282
e-mail: aescalan at ifisiol.unam.mx

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, John Humphrey wrote:

> Again, permit me to thank everyone for the tremendous support given on this 
> mailing list. With your help, and a lot of outside study, I've been able to 
> learn the basic elements behind running a SAMBA powered domain. I work a for 
> a Texas Public School system and have made a recommendation to install a 
> SAMBA PDC at one of our faciliites. My superiors want a list of some other 
> professional institutions that run SAMBA in a production enviroment. If you 
> guys know of some, please respond with the names.... TO THE SAMBA TEAM - 
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