Netscape profiles with Samba

Daniel Botella daniel.botella at
Thu Apr 26 13:23:28 GMT 2001


 My configuration W NT4 SP5 / 6 with itinerant profiles and connection 
via Samba of the reader H: in which)the data's user are placed.
Among these data is the profile of Netscape 4.6

 Now for some time, I have the following things :

 The user connects, he has his data. He launches Netscape and all the 
directory H: is removed.

 For some, it began further to a network bug where H: was not 
accessible. They launched all the same Netscape and answered by mistake 
for questions of creation of profile.

 The pit is that now it is systematic and would tend to extend towards 
people having made no mistake.

 What to do ?

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