AW: mapping user account for NT and w2k

Klaus Haidenthaler khaidenthaler at
Thu Apr 26 13:28:10 GMT 2001

Thus spaketh Bernie Doyle:

> I am mapping user home directories to a drive letter (S:) when a user
> logs in.
> \\severname\sharename\%U.
> On a Win2k machine when I access S:\ is see the contents of the users
> home directory (correct).
> On a WinNT machine when I access S:\ i see a list of all the 
> users home
> directories ie: the %U value does not seem to get mapped under WinNT.
> Has anyone come across this problem.

yupp. this has nothing to do with samba (imo), it's a w2k-"feature".
With NT4 you cannot map root a subdir "below" a sharename, this just works
with W2k and good ole

Why don't you use the [homes]-section of smb.conf for this kind of mapping,
shoulda work fine,
or, if it's the "logon home"-parameter, use \\servername\%U instead (could
be that you have to enable 
[homes] to make this work, dunno)


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