Uploading printer drivers from Win2K Prof Client

Shanker Balan shanu at exocore.com
Thu Apr 26 08:40:20 GMT 2001


Gerald Carter wrote,
> > I cant find the add printer command "addprinter" anywhere in my
> > samba_2_2 CVS download. Where can i find it?
> You have to write it I'm afraid.  Note that this is only necessary
> if you want to add **new** printers not already defined in smb.conf.
> the add printer command should create a new printer on the UNIX
> host and create the appropriate entry in smb.conf.
I dont want to _add_ new printers. I just want to _upload_ the drivers
to the samba server as explained in the printer_driver2.html doc which i
am not able to do.

> If you just want to use printers already defined in smb.conf
> (say [printers] for example), then just right click and upload
> the desired driver.  Make sense?

Makes sense. But my problem is that i cant seem to upload it. The wizard
does not even make an attemp to upload the driver which it previusly
used to but would later die. 

IIRC, this behaviour started after i used the local APW and installed the
printer driver locally. I tried deleting the printer from control panel
-> printers but no dice.

Question: How does one make Win2K and samba "forget" all the printer
related settings?

-- Shanu

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