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Hello Ough,

                You say that you have managed Solaris 8 box running samba to the NT domain.Here i have installed samba 2.0.7 in my Solaris 8 workstation , i can see my Solaris 8 workstation in Windows Network but when i double-click it its say " The network path was not found". I need your help? Please, can you email me your Documentation.( How did you install your samba 2.0.6 in Solaris 8) Ok bye. 

                                                                                  Waiting for your respond :-)

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Can someone help?

I have managed to add my Solaris 8 box running Samba 2.0.6 to the NT domain
as a member (good, so far). Solution was to add the ip address of the PDC to
the hosts file as NetBios could not resolve it.

I have added a user to the local user group, but on restart Samba doesn't
see the network.

The PDC is on a domain called 'SUBDOM1' and named 'SUBDOMPDC1'. The user,
however, needs to log on to a domain called 'DOM1', which I assume should be
the domain listed in SMB.conf?

The local user has the same name and password as he would on DOM1.

Can someone point out the mistake?


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