Dots ('.') in usernames

Periklis Charchalakis P.Charchalakis at
Wed Apr 25 23:28:07 GMT 2001

Has anybody used samba 2.2 with usernames that contain a dot ('.')? The
logon works fine but the home share doesn't. Users with no dot work fine
too.. Even if I make the home share browsable it fails when the user
connected contains a dot, while non-domain users can see the share as they
get the "root" username. In the logs all the accesses seem to contain the
'.' properly, and there is no indication of "not found" directories or
any other errors. From the NT side I get "access denied" and error type 5
when I try to mount the home manually with net.

Finally if I set the "path" of the home share static to the home of one of
the users with a dot then the share is accessible. Thus I suspect there is
a problem in the substitution of the %u/%U/%S somewhere.

I use samba 2.2.0 (downloaded and compiled 2 dayes ago), 2.2.18 kernel,
intel arch, glibc2.2.2, gcc 2.95.3, all workstations are NT4 with sp5.


FA EA F0 FF 00 F0

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