Making Samba printers available to Domain Users

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Wed Apr 25 21:52:03 GMT 2001

Samba 2.2 PDC, W2K clients

First, a note on the documentation:
According to the Samba-HOWTO-Collection (most current version)

In order to currently add a new driver to you Samba host, one of two
conditions must hold true:

 *  The account used to connect to the Samba host must have
    a uid of 0 (i.e. a root account) 

 *  The account used to connect to the Samba host must be a 
    member of the printer admin list. 

While logged in as root, I consistently got "Access Denied" messages while
trying to add printer drivers to the Samba server.  The trick which fixed
this problem was to add a

     write list = root

line to the print$ section, as in

       comment = Printer Drivers
       path = /opt/samba/printers
       write list = root
       read only = yes
       browseable = yes
       guest ok = no


Now I have 2 additional problems, one not particularly appropriate to this
list, but a curiosity nonetheless.

First, I would prefer to set up each printer once as root and then have
the printers available to anyone from the domain who logs in on the
machine.  Is there any way to do this?  As root, I tried going to the
shared printers properties, clicking on Security, and adding "Domain
Users", but when I try to do this, I get a message "Unable to lookup user
names for display" and nothing gets added to "Security" list.  Note that
all the domain users do show up individually in the select list which pops
up when I click on Add.  Perhaps this isn't the thing I want anyway.

A second problem is that postscript print jobs seem to get corrupted
enroute from the W2K machine to the (HP) postscript printer.  I can print
from the W2K machine, the print job shows up at the printer, and then is
squelched due to postscript errors.  This happens when printing from MS
Word 2000 and when printing a test page.  The odd thing is that we had
exactly the same problem with Samba 2.0.7 and ended up filtering each
print job through a special filter designed to clean up the
postscript.  If anyone can shed some light on why this happens, it would
be greatly appreciated.

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