UPDATE: latest colleciton of HOWTO's

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at microdisplay.com
Wed Apr 25 16:26:05 GMT 2001


Seems to be a couple of minor bugs in the document on printing...
smb.conf.5.html seems to be missing from the webserver I'm looking at.

BTW, there was mention on the list of an addprinter script that you
wrote.  Where might that be available?

TIA, and Thanks for all the hard work,


Gerald Carter wrote:

> FYI...
> I am placing the latest copy of the HTML and PDF versions of the
> Samba-HOWTO-Collection on http://samba.org/.  See the "Documentation"
> page.  The printing chapter has been updated slightly since i
> previously left out mentioning the 'add printer command' parameter
> in relation to the NT APW.
> Will try to update the PDC HOWTO in a few days.
> Cheers, jerry
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